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Why choose Us.

We drive collaboration between employers and professionals, and build trust in identity and credential verification.

Our Mission.

To be the only platform to automate 100% of every manual background screening process, saving you time so you can focus on adding value to your business.

What we Do.

We’re changing the way background checks are done. We enable you to easily manage your entire screening process in-house – from customising packages and workflows, automating your candidate reminders and tracking status updates – with Tarkista’s powerful all-in-one platform and proprietary API you’ll always be one step ahead.

Features of Tarkista that you will love

These are some of our most popular features. We are constantly adding new ones and changing the background screening industry for the better.

Automated Reference Checks

Take the time and cost out of reference checking with our automated, market leading solution. Submit your reference request in less than 30 seconds and let automation do the work for you. It really is that easy! Once in motion, you can track progress and enjoy complete visibility at every stage of the reference checking process. With our fraud algorithms, we also give our users an extra layer of security along the way.

Dynamic Workflows

From day one, our mission has been simple. To automate every manual background screening process. We have designed intuitive workflows that remove all the unnecessary back and forth.

Biometric ID & Document Verification

Establish trust by linking a candidate to their identity documents remotely and quickly. Through a single selfie capture, our market leading system will use face comparison and liveness detection to provide biometric facial verification. In addition, we will examine the ID documents using AI-based analytics to determine if they are original and unaltered. Verify your candidates in seconds and detect identity fraud early.

Local & International background checks

Hiring remotely and looking for local and international background checks? Tarkista has you covered with checks from over 200 countries and 200,000 data sources.

API First

Our proprietary API is the reason our background checks are the fastest and most comprehensive in the market. Access all the information you need via our platform or integrate our API directly with your solution.

Mobile Friendly

The world of work is changing and Tarkista is always one step ahead. All our candidate workflows can be completed on a mobile device, meaning faster turnaround times and a better user experience.

Automation is everythingWe want you to spend your time doing what you love most. We know screening and we know the repetitive tasks and chasing candidates are no fun. Why repeat when you can automate, saving you time and money?

Customisation is keyWe recognise that every business is different and works in their own unique way. Tarkista provides you with just the right balance of customisation and unique dynamic workflows so we fit perfectly with your processes.

World class user experienceYou and your candidates will always be at the heart of our business. Our easy-to-use platform and unique user journeys make the user experience seamless.

Reduce time to hireAutomating your background checks reduces unnecessary admin, gets your candidates into work faster and can free up your time to concentrate on hiring.

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